Increase Visibility & Grow Your Business!

Succeed With Our Affordable, Effective & Complete

Online Website Marketing Program!

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$149 per month!


Increase Visibility & Grow Your Business!

Succeed With Our Affordable, Effective & Complete

Online Website Marketing Program!

Join Now for Just:

$149 per month!


Results on an Affordable Budget

Comprehensive & Turn-Key

Maintain Long-term Visibility

What’s Included…

  • A thorough analysis of current visibility (including keyword, competition & location)
  • Strategy creation for online growth
  • Insertion of your website Into major search engines & directories
  • Mobile optimization for those using smartphones and iPads to access your website
  • Creation/Optimization of a Google Business Account
  • Creation/Optimization of a Google Search Console Account
  • On-Site optimization (including meta tags, headings, images tags and more)
  • Content Creation (high quality, original content created and posted to your website regularly)
  • Creation and Distribution of a Press Release
  • Creation and Posting of a Video for your business
  • Quality links built for your business & location
  • Focus on local keywords
  • Local optimization tags for your website
  • Building citations
  • Optimizing your Google Business Account for your local service area
  • Regular reporting including keyword ranking reports, access to Google Analytics and Google Business Accounts
  • Customer Support (including: email and telephone support)
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Trusted by hundreds of clients all over the world

Who Can Benefit with Website Marketing for Life?

  • That realize a focused online marketing campaign can do wonders for their bottom line
  • Are new to Online Marketing and want to gain an immediate foothold in your local market
  • Already have a web presence, but want to maintain long-term visibility & have a professional agency supervise your online assets
  • Require results on an affordable budget
  • That want to complement their high-quality web design products with a long-term service that ensures client satisfaction
  • Looking for a quality, comprehensive product along with an established, respected white-label partner to service their clients

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Have Questions About Our Online Marketing Program?

Below are frequently asked questions. We’ve tried to give you a complete answer, but feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

Online marketing is a way to increase the amount of people that find your business online, visit your website and purchase your products/services. Our goal is to create a strong online foundation for your business that is far reaching on the web.  We are then able to send quality signals to Google and other search engines to let them know your website exists.  In addition, we tell the search engines exactly what products and services you are selling and in what locations you are offering them.  Our online marketing solution is focused on giving you an excellent return on investment increasing web visibility, encouraging visitors to your website and ultimately driving sales.

We make the process simple. We work hard to create an online marketing strategy for your business.  When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a quick questionnaire.  In addition, one of our experienced online marketing strategists assigned to your account will contact you. Your online marketing strategist will work with you closely developing a campaign that fits your unique business.

When you sign up for our service, your online marketing strategist will give you a call to receive more information about your business.  Your strategist will conduct thorough research on your business, industry, your competitors, target audience and locations.  Your strategist will also conduct a keyword analysis and go over your relevant keywords and locations.  Once research is completed, your strategist will be able to properly conduct a campaign for your business focusing on improving your online visibility.

We’re proud to offer one of the most comprehensive online marketing solutions at a fantastic value.  Our online marketing campaign includes a wide range of items to help increase a business’s visibility online, helping to promote website traffic, engagement, and sales.

Our comprehensive online marketing campaign includes the following components: Analysis & Set Up, On-Site Optimization, Off-Site Optimization, Local SEO Optimization Services, Reporting & Metrics and Support.  Click here on the Comprehensive Online Marketing Page, to view each component and what is included in your program.

Our content usually includes blogs (text), images, a video targeted to your audience and or a press release.  The content is designed to send signals to search engines like Google to increase visibility, attract visitors to your website and encourage engagement such as conversions.

Content such as blogs are created for your business’s relevant keywords.  These blogs are posted on a regular schedule and take into account search engine optimization (making the content clear and concise for search engines like Google to easily comprehend and rank accordingly).  All of our content is high quality, optimized and we are generally able to post it to your website (provided we have current access, and your website is functioning properly).

Videos are created for your business.  They are slide show videos whose goal is to increase engagement.  They are usually about 60 seconds long and perfect for sending quality signals to Google.  They are also perfect for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

We also create and submit a press release for your campaign. Our press release service is designed to be search engine optimized for the widest reach and best ranking results. Our distribution process encourages distribution of your press release to potentially hundreds of news organizations, many RSS news feeds, Google News and Yahoo News.

Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to contribute to your website and post as much as you would like.  With our service, you can choose the amount of involvement that fits your business’s needs.

We put a tremendous amount of resources into your campaign – especially during the first few months of your campaign.  Our campaign is billed each month and includes automatic recurring billing through PayPal.  There are no long term contracts.  Since we work ahead, we require that you give us 7 day’s notice before the next scheduled payment occurs if you wish to pause or cancel your subscription. (Please click and review our Terms of Service for more information).

We are efficient professionals.  With over 15 years of marketing experience our process has been proven to work for all types of businesses, especially small local businesses.  You will notice that we offer an extremely comprehensive program including one of the most important components – a solid set up and foundation.

Our Online Marketing Program is customized for your specific business.  We work hard to customize your keywords, meta tags, content, deliverables and marketing techniques to specifically focus solely on your business. We help individually, each and every one of you.

One of the reasons many clients like to do business with us is that we are very transparent.  From past experience, we have helped the vast majority of businesses increase their visibility on the major search engines such as Google and drive traffic & sales to their websites. With our expertise, others will clearly be aware of your business.

We have a process that truly works and ensures you get a great return of investment with our online marketing program.  At our price point and the solid services we deliver you would be extremely hard pressed to find another marketing program with less risk.

We think you will love the value that we deliver!  We realize that our competitors charge much more for similar services.  We want all businesses to be able to market, engage and build their businesses.  Our model is based on efficiency and simplicity and longevity of our client relationships.  But we should also note that we aren’t a boutique marketing agency charging thousands of dollars per month for service.  We want to over-deliver to ensure that our clients get a great return on investment and continue to use our services.

As part of your online marketing campaign, we post content to your website and make minor changes to meta tags and other items that can enhance your visibility.  If your website requires a task, please contact us to see if this fits into your online marketing campaign or if we can accomplish it without a substantial amount of time or resources.  If we are not able to perform a specific task or maintenance, we will gladly offer a recommendation.

We pride ourselves on prompt, comprehensive support.  We provide support through email and telephone (usually available during normal business hours EST).  We are always available to answer questions about your campaign and offer insights into online marketing, however for more advanced consultations or technical support, we may need to point you to a specialist that may require an additional fee.

Sure, just let us know.  We are a full-service marketing agency.  We specialize in online marketing, social marketing, web design, hosting & maintenance and much more.  Just let us know what kind of service you require, and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Yes, we welcome affiliate and resellers. If you would like to become an affiliate member or resell our products, simply contact us today.  We can custom tailor a program that matches your needs.  Give us a call today, we are always interested in creating new business relationships that can benefit all parties involved.

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